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February 01 2018

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January 23 2018


contrary to social media developers’ beliefs i have literally never once wanted to see posts in anything other than chronological order

January 16 2018

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January 13 2018

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January 10 2018


i hate when people misunderstand my shyness for unfriendliness like no!!! i actually like you! i’m just a piece of shit that can’t communicate

January 05 2018

May you be fortunate enough to have the time and energy to do what you love, after you’ve spent your time and energy doing what you’ve had to do.
Bruce Adler (via shareaquote)
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January 04 2018

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January 01 2018

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December 28 2017

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If it’s time to go, leave.
but don’t leave before it’s time
(via temporary)

December 25 2017

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December 23 2017


Life is one big yeehaw and then you die

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a little less sixteen candles, a little more “touch me” // fall out boy

December 22 2017


My kink is having absolutely no one from high school know anything about me or what I’m doin now lmao

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